All in one database solution for national powerlifting and weightlifting federations

  • Daily backup of data
  • Raw database dump available for download(MySQL)
  • Hosted solution
  • 99 % uptime guarantee
  • History for all changes done in database. What changed, who changed it and when was it changed.
  • Bugfixes free of charge
  • Work with kilograms or pounds
Lifter database
  • Fields: First name, last name, address, date of birth, club, sex
  • Profile picture
  • Excel export of all lifters
Lifter profile
  • List personal bests based on registered results
  • Profile picture
  • List records for lifter
  • List videos for lifter (Video Module)
  • List results for lifter
  • Interactive results graph
Referee database
  • Fields: First name, last name, address, date of birth, club, referee categories
  • Excel export of all referees
Referee profile
  • List club association
  • List competitions refereed
Competition database
  • Fields: Name, organizer, from/to date, homepage
  • Add file attachments(invitation, schedule etc)
  • Result fields: Lifter, club, category, lot number, body weight, lifts
  • Automatic calculating of placing, or manual setting(e.g. for international competitions)
  • Referees for competition
  • Records for competition
  • Automatic detection of new records
  • Option to show point ranking for competition
  • Show videos from competition (Video Module)
  • Excel export of all competitions
Club database
  • Fields: Name, email, homepage, logo, parent club/organization
  • Show associated lifters, competitions organized on club profile
  • Excel export of all clubs
  • Internal club lifter ranking
  • Show lifter rankings for each category
  • Yearly or overall ranking
Video database
  • Video integration with YouTube
  • Link videos easily directly to lifts and records, with second precision. Video will start playing at the correct position
  • Result search can be filtered to show only results with videos
  • Allow users to either suggest videos, or enter videos directly
User database
  • For administrating the system and allowing clubs to log in
  • Link users to user groups to give permissions
My Page
  • Page for club users
  • Option to add competitions, results and lifters(configurable with user management)
Record database
  • Handle national or regional records
  • Keeps record history, with graphical overview of record development
Result search
  • Search parameters: Sex, category, weightclass, from/to date
  • Sort results by total, points, date or a certain discipline
  • Option to show only best result per lifter
  • Default language in the system is English, but all words/sentences in the system can be translated to your local language
  • If translating to your local language you can offer both an english version and a local translated version of the system
  • Available RSS feeds for use from other websites: Last results, upcoming competitions, last results for specific club, upcoming competitions for club
  • Ical feed for importing competition schedule into calendars like Google Calendar or to smart phones. Select whether to import all competitions, or specific types/clubs.
  • Lifter statistics, number of lifters participated each year, number of results registered each year
  • Number of competitions each year